Colin Y.J. Chung

1st Army

  • 11th Maneuver Division 'Flowering Knights' (11기동사단 '화랑부대'), ahistorical(one of four divisions under the command of the VII Maneuver Corps. Before the unit was renamed on January 1, 2021, it was called the 11th Mechanized Infantry Division.)
  • 36th Homeland Defense Infantry Division 'WHITE TIGER' (36향토보병사단 '백호부대')
  • 62nd Reserve Infantry Division?
  • 67th Reserve Infantry Division?
  • 76th Reserve Infantry Division?
  • 79th Reserve Infantry Division?

II Corps 'DOUBLE DRAGONS' (2군단 '쌍용부대')

  • 7th Infantry Division 'SEVEN STARS' (7보병사단 '칠성부대')
  • 15th Infantry Division 'VICTORY' (15보병사단 '승리부대')
  • 27th Infantry Division 'LET'S WIN' (27보병사단 '이기자부대')
  • 3rd Armored Brigade 'LIGHTNING' (3기갑여단 '번개부대')

III Corps 'MOUNTAINS' (3군단 '산악부대')

  • 2nd Infantry Division 'FURIOUS WAVE' - ahistorical: On January 1, 2021, the 2nd Division moved its headquarters to Yangpyeong and was reorganized into a quick response division to take charge of offensive and air assault missions by integrating The 201st Commando Brigade and The 203rd Commando Brigade under 2nd Operations Command. Now subordinated to VII Corp 'Vanguard'
  • 12th Infantry Division 'EULJI' (12보병사단 '을지부대') (Eulji Mundeok (을지문덕) (Ulchi Mundok) was a military leader of early 7th century Goguryeo, one of the Three Kingdoms of Korea, who successfully defended Goguryeo against Sui China)
  • 21st Infantry Division 'MT. BAEKDU' (21보병사단 '백두산부대') (Paektu Mountain (Korean: 백두산; Hanja: 白頭山; MR: Paektusan), also known as Baekdu Mountain and in China as Changbai Mountain (simplified Chinese: 长白山; traditional Chinese: 長白山; Manchu: Golmin Šanggiyan Alin), is an active stratovolcano on the Chinese–North Korean border)

VIII Corps 'DRAGON OF THE EAST SEA' (8군단 '동해충용부대')

  • 22nd Infantry Division 'YULGOK' (22보병사단 '율곡부대'), (Yi Yi (Korean: 이이[1][2]; Hanja: 李珥; December 26, 1536 – February 27, 1584) was a Korean philosopher, writer, and Confucian scholar of the Joseon Dynasty.[3] Yi I is often referred to by his pen name Yulgok ("Chestnut valley"). He was also a politician[4] and was the academical successor of Jo Gwang-jo.)
  • 23rd Infantry Division 'IRON WALL' (23보병사단 '철벽부대') (will be dissolved in October 2021)
  • 69th ???
  • 102nd Armored Brigade 'SUNRISE' (102기갑여단 '일출부대')

2nd Army

IX Corp

  • 31st Local Defense Division
  • 32nd Local Defense Infantry Division ‘White dragon’ (32지역방위사단 ‘백룡부대’)
  • 33rd Local Defense Division ?
  • 37th Local Defense Infantry Division (37지역방위사단)

XI Corp

  • 39th Local Defense Infantry Division (39지역방위사단)
  • 50th Local Defense Infantry Division ’Steel’ (50지역방위사단 ’강철부대’)
  • 53rd Local Defense Infantry Division (53지역방위사단)

3rd Army

  • 51st Homeland Defense Infantry Division 'TOTAL VICTORY' (51향토보병사단 '전승부대')
  • 55th Homeland Defense Infantry Division 'BEACON FIRE' (55향토보병사단 '봉화부대')
  • 61st Reserve Infantry Division?
  • 65th Reserve Infantry Division?
  • 66th Reserve Infantry Division (66동원보병사단)
  • 72nd Reserve Infantry Division (72동원보병사단)
  • 73rd Reserve Infantry Division (73동원보병사단)
  • 75th Reserve Infantry Division (75동원보병사단)

Capital Corps 'DEVOTION' (수도군단 '충의부대')

  • 17th Infantry Division 'LIGHTNING' (17보병사단 '번개부대')
  • 103rd Signal Brigade (103통신여단): 103rd Infantry Brigade, subordinate to the 35th Infantry Division, 2nd Operations Command, Republic of Korea Army. His nickname is the White Horse Unit. It is located in Namwon, Jeollabuk-do.

I Corps 'GWANGGAETO' (1군단 '광개토부대')

Gwanggaeto the Great (374–413, r. 391–413)[1] was the nineteenth monarch of Goguryeo. His full posthumous name means "Entombed in Gukgangsang, Broad Expander of Domain,[1] Peacemaker,[2] Supreme King", sometimes abbreviated to Hotaewang.[2] His era name is Yeongnak and he is occasionally recorded as Yeongnak Taewang ("Supreme King" or "Emperor" Yeongnak). Gwanggaeto's imperial reign title meant that Goguryeo was on equal standing as an empire with the imperial dynasties in China.

  • 1st Infantry Division 'FORWARD' (1보병사단 '전진부대')
  • 9th Infantry Division 'WHITE HORSE' (9보병사단 '백마부대')
  • 25th Infantry Division 'WYVERN' (25보병사단 '비룡부대')
  • 2nd Armored Brigade 'LOYALTY' (2기갑여단 '충성부대')
  • 30th Armored Brigade 'CERTAIN VICTORY' (30기갑여단 '필승부대') ahistorical: was a division at one point, now a brigade
  • 101st Signal Brigade (101통신여단) ahistorical: dissolved

V Corps 'VICTORIOUS ADVANCE' (5군단 '승진부대')

  • 3rd Infantry Division 'WHITE SKULL' (3보병사단 '백골부대')
  • 6th Infantry Division 'BLUE STAR' (6보병사단 '청성부대')
  • 1st Armored Brigade 'BLITZ' (1기갑여단 '전격부대')
  • 8th Maneuver Division 'Roly Poly Toy' (8기동사단 '오뚜기부대') ahistorical: now subordinated under VII Corp

VI Corps 'ADVANCE' (6군단 '진군부대')

  • 5th Infantry Division 'THE KEY' (5보병사단 '열쇠부대')
  • 28th Infantry Division 'INVINCIBLE TYPHOON' (28보병사단 '무적태풍부대')
  • 26th Infantry Division (Mechanized) 'GROUP OF FIRES' (26기계화보병사단 '불무리부대') ahistorical: dissolved: A division belonging to the 7th Mobile Corps based in Yangju, Gyeonggi Province. His nickname is the Fire Army. It was founded on 18 June 1953 and disbanded on 30 November 2018.
  • 5th Armored Brigade 'IRON STORM' (5기갑여단 '철풍부대')

VII Maneuver Corps 'VANGUARD' (7기동군단 '북진선봉부대')

  • Capital Mechanized Infantry Division 'Fierce Tiger' (수도기계화보병사단 '맹호부대')
  • 20th Infantry Division (Mechanized) 'DECISIVE BATTLE' (20기계화보병사단 '결전부대') ahistorical: The 20th Mechanized Infantry Division (第二十機械化步兵師團, ROKA 20th Mechanized Infantry Division) was a mechanized infantry division of the Republic of Korea Army, subordinate to the 7th Mobile Corps. Its official nickname is the Battle Battalion, which was granted in 1978. The 20th Division will be merged with the 11th Mechanized Infantry Division and disbanded on December 1, 2019, and the (former) 20th Division headquarters in Yangpyeong-gun, Gyeonggi-do, will be replaced by the (former) 2nd Infantry Division headquarters in Yanggu County, Gangwon Province.

    Capital Defense Command (SHIELD)

    (수도방위사령부 '방패부대')

    • 52nd Homeland Defense Infantry Division - "Arrow", HQ: Gwangmyeong City, Gyeonggi Province
    • 56th Homeland Defense Infantry Division - "Bukhansan", (mountain North of Seoul). HQ: Goyang City, Gyeonggi Province
    • 60th Reserve Infantry Division  - "Gwon Yul" (Korean General during Joseon Dynasty who stopped Japanese invasions 1592-1598).
    • 71st Reserve Infantry Division - ahistorical: Disbanded on 30 November 2016 as part of defense reform.