Herein Lies the Fallen. Here, laid to rest, the careless many, the rash, the unwise... those who met their maker upon a foolish... and most likely? A wholly, entirely, avoidable decision.

  • Ser Ragnarok, Knight (L1-OR). 2021-05-23 (1d). Crushed by dolmen stone.
  • Surina Juno, Charltan (L1-EC). 2021-05-23 (1d). Head bashed in by drune staff.
  • Thork, Zealot of Loki (L1-HA). 2021-05-23 (1d). Charmed then beaten by drune.
  • Thorn, Hedge Wizard (L1-HA). 2021-05-23 (1d). Torn apart by stone hounds.
  • Darrak, Soldier (L2-AB). 2021-06-06 (7d). Killed by Gravak, gang boss on magic steroids.
  • Orlan, Soldier (L2-HA). 2021-07-11 (49d). Strangled by Palimdybis, the Pit Beast.
  • Ser Purple Nurple, Knight (L2-OR). 2021-07-11 (49d) Crushed by rubble as a bird in rockslide.
  • Errich Weaver, Knight (L2-OR). 2021-07-18 (1d). Sentenced to death for murder by the Duke of Mlurg Nar.
  • Bob the Priest, Priest (L2-HA). 2021-07-18 (1d). Cut down by Tibalc the duelist outside the Pit Fights.
  • Veleris Booker, Pickpocket (L2-EB). 2021-08-01 (63d). Brained by staff of a Dolmenwood Drune.
  • Thistle Frog, Assassin (L2-EB). 2021-08-08 (1d). Held by Aust, cut by Lane, shot by Aranna.
  • Patrick Weaver, Shapeshifter (L2-HA). 2021-08-08 (21d). Crushed as fruit fly by Redclaw Guard.
  • Emma Frog, Hedge Wizard (L3-EC). 2021-08-08 (77d). Charred by Dolmenwood magic missiles.
  • Myra, Mercenary (L2-LC). 2021-08-08 (14d). Bludgeoned by two Dolmenwood Drunes.
  • Toaf Frog, Spy (L2-SB). 2021-08-15 (7d). Beaten as rhinoceros by Dolmenwood Drunes.
  • Shorin Milos, Lower Noble (L2-EB). 2021-08-22 (7d). Crushed by rickety shelves.
  • Wrenn Milos, Apostle (L2-SB). 2021-08-29 (7d). Blown up by Apocalypse Anne.
  • Selina Milos, Assassin (L3-EC). 2021-09-19 (35d). Suffered heart attack after fighting tile golem.
  • Slane Milos, Charlton (L3-LC). 2021-09-26 (42d). Fell into a pit of spikes after helping others past.
  • Ogo Veretta, Apostle (L3-EB). 2021-09-26 (7d). Strangled by an undead severed hand.
  • Squidward, Hedge Wizard (L3-HA). 2021-09-26 (35d). Cut down by Aust after Squid pushed Aranna down a pit.
  • Octopus, Courtier (L3-EC). 2021-10-10 (21d). Blown up by natural gas explosion in Ivrian's Kitchen.
  • Perrin Juno, Assassin (L3-SB). 2021-10-10 (42d). Split in half by stone goat-head demon's giant battle-axe.
  • Aust Booker, Knight (L3-OR). 2021-10-17 (91d). Crushed into bloody pulp by the WHSCK bronze golem.
  • Gary the Snail, Spy (L3-HA). 2021-11-07 (42d). Cleft in two by the glaive of an armored statue.
  • Arden Vey, Pickpocket (L2-EB). 2021-11-07 (21d). Frozen by Lane Weaver's control ice spell.

Snack Club Death Count: 26, May ye all rest in peace.

In Valhalla

Here are adventurers who died for doing the right thing. A rare oddity indeed.

  • Glavas Roh, Lower Noble (L3-EB). 2021-10-17 (14d). Regretfully shot in the heart by Aranna when he broke Boss Ogo's neck to close a portal to an alien world. Aranna had believed Boss Ogo's survival was necessary.

In Retirement

Here are adventurers who have settled into a quiet life.

  • Raw Skull, Wildling (L3-EB). 2021-09-12 (21d). Head chef at "Dragons in the Dark", a tavern in Ool Krut
  • Moulsh the Drune, Acolyte (L3-EB). 2021-09-19 (7d). Didn't like Lane's threats and left the Snack Club
  • Virlan Gonov, Pickpocket (L3-EB). 2021-09-26 (1d). Left the Snack Club after forced into dangerous tasks.
  • Keyleth Gonov, Zealot (L3-LC). 2021-09-26 (1d). Followed his brother, Virlan, when he left the Snack Club.
  • Toad Slinoor, Acolyte (L2-EC). 2021-10-17 (7d). Had a moment of conscience upon meeting WHSCK that The Snack Club, were, in fact, jerks.

The Pauper's Grave

Here, laid to rest, hench-people and hirelings who lost their lives following adventurers to places they don't belong.

  • Adele, Archer (Mgr-HA). 2021-06-13 (1d). Suffocated by the ghost of a chaos knight.
  • Somme, Light Footman (Mgr-EC). 2021-07-11 (21d). Lost her mind in a psychic maze.
  • 3 Knife Twisters, Ruffians (Mgr-LC). 2021-07-25 (1d). Burnt to a crisp by green magic missiles.
  • 3 Knife Twisters, Ruffians (Mgr-EC/AJ). 2021-08-01 (7d). Mauled and eaten by river ghouls.
  • 4 Knife Twisters, Ruffians (Mgr-AJ/OR). 2021-08-08 (14d). Betrayed by their own bosses.
  • Poggy, Laborer (Mgr-SB). 2021-08-29 (7d). Blown up by Apocalypse Anne.
  • Helmut Halfsword, Fighter (Mgr-SB). 2021-08-29 (7d). Blown up by Apocalypse Anne.
  • Thargis, Laborer (Mgr-SB). 2021-10-10 (7d). Natural gas explosion caused by Perrin Juno.
  • Geanne, Laborer (Mgr-EB). 2021-10-10 (7d). Natural gas explosion caused by Perrin Juno.
  • Franzon, Laborer (Mgr-EB). 2021-10-10 (7d). Natural gas explosion caused by Perrin Juno.
  • Nissel, Laborer (Mgr-EC). 2021-10-10 (7d). Natural gas explosion caused by Perrin Juno.
  • Naako, Archer (Mgr-EB). 2021-10-10 (7d). Natural gas explosion caused by Perrin Juno.
  • Barbara the Barbarian (Mgr-SB). 2021-10-10 (7d). Murdered by Glavas Roh in uncontrollable Nightraker rage.
  • Barbara the Barbarian II (Mgr-SB). 2021-11-07 (7d). Frozen to death by Lane's control ice spell.
  • Him the Him, Heavy Footman (Mgr-HA). 2021-11-07 (7d). Frozen to death by Lane's control ice spell.

Snack Club Hireling Death Count: 22, May ye all rest in peace.