Colin Y.J. Chung


  • Feb 1942 - Right away, the Allies box Axis in El Agheila, forcing the Germans and Italians to push them out
  • Mar 1942 - A new front is created along the highway up to Benghazi, but the Axis are still trapped with their backs to the Gulf of Sirte
  • Apr 1942 - New strategy. Axis goes south.
  • May 1942 - Axis masses several units in the Jalo Oasis.
  • Jun 1942 - Nothing happens. Nothing happens. And then boom. Axis rushes out from behind Sabkha El Jeneinen to encircle the Allies in the west! The Allies are routed, OOS, and destroyed.
  • Jul 1942 - Axis screws up and leaves all three of their recon units in the middle of nowhere.
  • Aug 1942 - Allies consolidates around Tobruk. Axis takes Benghazi. Axis hugs the highway next to the Gulf of Sirte
  • Sep 1942 - Allies create a front west of Tobruk. Axis moves a bunch of units to the Jalo Oasis again
  • Oct 1942 - More maneuvering, but no major moves.
  • Nov 1942 - Allies move around Jebel el Akhdar, while Axis creates a long supply chain on the trail from Jalo Oasis to Jarabub Oasis. And then, a sharp turn northeast! Cutting off supply lines again. And in a final move, three Axis units rush to and lay siege to Tobruk.

Thank you to Tor at for implementing this digital version of "Rommel in the Desert" (1982) designed by Craig Besinque, published by Columbia Games.