GAME: Celles -The Ardennes, December 23-27, 1944
PUBLISHER: Revolution Games
DESIGNER: Roger Miller
Mark Mahaffey
YEAR:  2012
OPPONENT: 2H-Solitaire
G01/T02, December 24th, 1944 - Day

Chit, Supply, & Initiative

  • Supply Phase - all fine
  • Initiative Phase - Allies (+1 DRM as it's day) d10=10(11), German d10=3. Allies chooses to go first.

Allies AP1

  • Allies pull "Day Replacement"
  • Allies pull 84th Infantry Division, "trucks marker" activated.
  • 84th Inf bn in 2111 ➔ 2209 for 2MP
  • 84th Inf bn in 2710 ➔ 2409 for 3MP
  • 84th Inf bn in 2709 ➔ 2710 Marloie for 3MP
  • 84th Inf bn in 2909 ➔ 2808 Marche for 1MP
  • 84th Inf bn in 3107 ➔ 2710 Marloie for 5.5MP (trucks)

German AP1

  • German pulls Panzer Lehr Division
  • Pzr. Lehr Recon in 2113 Rochefort ➔ 1611 for 9MP
  • Pzr. Lehr Bn in 2114 ➔ 1614 for 9MP
  • Pzr. Lehr Bn in 2216 ➔ 2113 Rochefort for 3MP

Allies AP2

  • Allies pull "combat chit"
  • Allies pull "allied air". Germany actions reduced by 1. Air Attack on 2nd Pzr. bn in 2911. d10=3, disrupted.
  • Allies pull "Extra Move".
  • Allies pull 4th Cavalry Regiment
  • Allies use "Extra Move" to activate 2nd Armored Division in 2205 ➔ 2008 for 4MP + 6MP (m.atk) against 2nd Pzr. recon in 2009.
    • 15A/5D = 3-1 CRT/0 DRM, d10=10 = -/*RD. Eliminated! 2nd Arm advances into 2009
  • 4th Cav Rgmt in 2506 ➔ 1709 for 12MP

German AP2

  • German pulls 2nd Panzer Division
  • 2nd Pzr bn in 2412 ➔ 2610 for 3.5MP
  • 2nd Pzr SP/AT in 2712 ➔ 2711 for 3MP + 6MP (m.atk) into 2710 Marloie against 2x84th Inf bns, with 2nd Pzr. In 2610 helping
    • 13A/8D, -1 Village, -1 combat chit. 1-1 CRT/-2 DRM, d10=4(2) = D/ disrupted
  • 2nd Pzr bn in 2811 ➔ 2810 for 2MP + 6MP (m.atk) into 2710 Marloie against 2x84th Inf bns, with 2nd Pzr. In 2610 supporting.
    • 17A/8D, -1 Village. 2-1 CRT/-1 DRM, d10=3(2) = no effect.

Thoughts on Turn Two

Don't know why I took the initiative as Allies even though I knew they had only 2 action phases to the German's 3 AP this turn. I think I just wanted to shore up my defenses and ZOCs. Turned out well for the Allies.

Allies pulled multiple tactical chits. The air attack was useful. The extra move allowed the 2nd arm to destroy the 2nd Pzr. recon hanging near Buissonville. 

I had two goals for the Germans. Send some units to the Meuse river, as that's their objective for collecting VPs... but also start destroying the 84th, or at least break through their lines. Problem was, they (I) rolled terribly.

The Battle of Marloie was just absurd. Two waves from the 2nd Pzr. and effectively rolled "2" twice. I missed the fact that the second Pzr. unit I moved in was a SP/AT and not pure armor. But even so... the Germans are now positioned for a triple-wave attack at 29-14 (2-1 CRT). Still not the ratio I (as Germany) would've wanted though.