GAME: Celles -The Ardennes, December 23-27, 1944
DESIGNER: Roger Miller
Mark Mahaffey
PUBLISHER: Revolution Games
OPPONENT: 2H-Solitaire
G01/T01, December 23rd, 1944 - Night

Chit, Supply, & Initiative

German has initiative by default

German AP1

  • German pulls "Extra Move"
  • German pulls 2nd Pzr Division.
  • 2nd Pzr recon unit in 2612 ➔ 2009 Buissonville for 12MP
  • 2nd Pzr bn in 2712 ➔ 2412 Jemelle for 11MP
  • 2nd Pzr bn in 3316 ➔ 2911 for 7MP
  • 2nd Pzr bn in 3316 ➔ 2811 for 9.5MP
  • 2nd Pzr SP/AT in 3316 ➔ 2712 for 8.5MP

Allies AP1

  • Allies pull 2nd Armored Division
  • 2nd Arm bn in 1500 ➔ 2205 Haversin 6MP (T1 - reduced MPs)
  • 2nd Arm bn in 1900 ➔ 1204 for 6MP (T1 - ditto)

German AP2

  • German pulls "Combat Bonus"
  • German pulls "German Night Replacement"
  • German pulls Panzer Lehr Division
  • Pzr. Lehr bn in 2216 ➔ 2114 for 2MP + 9MP (H.Atk) against 84th bn  in 2113 Rochefort.
    • 11A/7D, +1 DE night, +1 Hvy. -2 US town = 1-1 CRT/0 DRM, d10=2(0) = D/-, Pzr. Lehr disrupted.
  • Pzr. Recon 2216 ➔ 2213 for 3.5MP + 6MP (M.Atk) against 84th bn in 2113 Rochefort.
    • 7A/7D, +1 DE night, -2 US town = 1-1 CRT/-1 DRM, d10=8(7) = -/R, 84th retreats North to 2111, Pzr. Lehr advances into 2113 Rochefort.


Messed up a lot on the terrain effects table at first. Redid several moves for German AP1, and referred to the rules a lot. Took me a bit to fully grasp differences between towns (fixed MP cost) versus villages (variable MP cost depending on terrain). Rivers also threw me. Plus, motorized units have their own MP costs separate from infantry units.

Not seeing how I can maneuver to cut off supply lines as easy in this game. The ZOC requires a lot of linking up, and even then, you can "infiltrate" to break through the lines.

Forgot the US 2nd only has 6MP on turn one. So redid that move twice. 

Nearly impossible for 84th to defend Rochefort if Panzer Lehr shows up. They rush North and assault from both sides. Well, I did as German player.

Also  (so many backtracks), I didn't realize the Pzr. Lehr chit was a recon unit. I had put it under the Pzr. Lehr 2-step chit thinking it was a step loss. In an alternate timeline, the 84th held Rochefort and was reinforced by another battalion using trucks to get there fast.